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Is FlippsMart right for you?

  • check_circleDo you have valuable items you don't use anymore?
  • check_circleDo you want to remain safe when dealing with strangers?
  • check_circleAre you ready to be more organized and less cluttered?
  • check_circleDo you lack the expertise to use the latest technology to sell online?
  • check_circleNot into haggling? We get the right price for you.
  • check_circleAre you in a smaller town with fewer options?

We Do The Selling For You

In our Showroom

  • check_circleWe merchandise your item in our high-traffic, fully-staffed showroom.
  • check_circleWe manage the selling price for you.
  • check_circleWe demonstrate your item to potential buyers.
  • check_circleWe answer all the telephone inquiries.
  • check_circleWe close the transaction for you.

On our Website

  • check_circleWe take the photos
  • check_circleWe create the written description.
  • check_circleWe post your item online.
  • check_circleWe answer all the emails and texts.
  • check_circleWe keep you safe.
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Sit back and relax. We send your money when your stuff sells!

Sell your stuff now

Still have selling questions?

The first reason is ... MORE BUYERS!

  • FlippsMart provides a shopper-friendly environment, so buyers are more likely to visit our showroom and purchase your item.
  • FlippsMart takes professional quality photos of your item, and highlights it's major selling points in the write-up. Our compelling online post effectively describes your item and appeals to more buyers.
  • FlippsMart is open for business from 9:30am to 5:30pm Monday thru Friday, and 10:00am to 5:00pm on Saturday, so buyers can examine your item at their convenience.
  • FlippsMart accepts multiple payment options, so buyers don't have to worry about carrying large amounts of cash.
  • FlippsMart provides a safe and comfortable shopping experience, so buyers aren't scared off by unfamiliar surroundings.
  • More buyers for your item means higher selling prices and quicker sales!


  • No strangers coming to your home.
  • No meetings in unfamiliar surroundings.
  • No interruptions, no-shows, or scheduling conflicts means no more wasted time for you.

It's easy and fast to display your item at FlippsMart. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Choose a valuable item you want to sell (minimum value is $100). Click here to see our Prohibited Items List.
  2. Bring your item in to FlippsMart and tell us about it (and yourself). If your item is large or heavy, we recommend that you send us photos of your item before you you bring it in. Click here to send us photos.
  3. Based on our extensive market knowledge, we will assist you in determining a pricing strategy for your item that’s designed to result in a sale.
  4. We’ll help you decide which selling model is best for you (Prosignment or Consignment), and then get to work selling your item.
  5. Typically, your item will be on-display in our Showroom and be visible on our website within 24 hours.

We'll help you select the high/low price range of your item, and we'll gradually reduce the asking price within that range. You pay us an upfront 10% Display Fee (based on your initial asking price) for a 60-day display period. When your item sells, you'll receive up to 85% of the selling price. Call or visit FlippsMart for additional details.

We'll use our local market knowledge to set the initial asking price, and we'll reduce the price of your item by 10% every 20 days. You pay us nothing upfront for a 90-day display period. When your item sells, you'll receive 60% of the selling price. Call or visit FlippsMart for additional details.

Yes. Due to space limitations, FlippsMart is currently only accepting items with a minimum value of $100.

FlippsMart will send you a text message when your item is sold. Payout checks are available for in-store pickup within 14 days, and will be mailed to you within 28 days. If you prefer, your payout amount is available for in-store purchases immediately after your item is sold.

FlippsMart will send you a text message if your item doesn’t sell during the display period. You'll have the option of retrieving your item within (5) business days, OR you may choose to leave the item at FlippsMart and we’ll continue to reduce the price at our discretion until your item is sold.

For PROSIGNMENT items: You may remove your unsold item from the FlippsMart Showroom at any time. However, Display Fees are paid in-advance, and these are not refundable.

For CONSIGNMENT items: You may remove your unsold item from the FlippsMart Showroom after (70) days.

FlippsMart has installed multiple state-of-the-art security systems to provide a very high level of theft and fire protection for your items. We also monitor the premises 24/7 with a high-resolution video recording system. Jewelry and other high-value items are stored in our safe when practicable.

Yes. FlippsMart offers a Pick-up & Delivery service for a competitive fee. Please contact us for pricing and availability in your area.