Prohibited Items

Our goal is to help you sell your valuable items safely and securely. Plus, we don’t want to get ourselves in any trouble either. Therefore, we have a few rules about the items we accept, so here you go…..


If it’s not legal for you to own it or distribute it, or for us to display it, then keep it away from here! This includes things like moonshine stills and elephant tusks. If you wouldn’t show it to law enforcement, then don’t show it to us.


It’s pretty obvious … if you don’t own it, then we don’t want to display it. Or, if it looks like you’re trying to hide something (like filing-off a serial number) we won’t display it. Again, if you wouldn’t show it to law enforcement, then don’t show it to us.


This includes rifles and pistols and all types of firearms. Also, we don’t accept gun components or gun parts, air rifles, air pistols, bazookas, BB guns, pellet guns, or tasers.


Does anybody even purchase software anymore? Everything’s going to the cloud anyways.


This includes fireworks, gun powder, chemical explosives, and any other thing that can go ‘bang’ and hurt someone.


If it’s not the real McCoy, then keep it to yourself. This includes counterfeit items like ‘Folex’ watches and ‘Fucci’ purses.


Sorry, but we just can’t take a chance on things like Montana Lottery tickets, Powerball tickets, or any other type of gambling mechanism.


Let’s keep it safe around here, so nothing dangerous. This also includes items that have been recalled. We know that ‘hazardous’ can be a little subjective, but dangerous is as dangerous does. We’ll make the call, so call us first.


Over-the-counter or not, prescription or not, legal or not … the answer is no. This also includes booze, tobacco, and e-cigs.


The Missoula Humane Society is the best place to find animals, not FlippsMart.


It’s no secret that we don’t accept anything that’s better left private.


Sorry, but due to space limitations at our current location, we cannot accept or display mattresses.


There are several excellent used clothing stores in Missoula, and they are much better equipped to handle these items.

We reserve the right to add things to this list at our own discretion.