About Us

At FlippsMart, our mission is to help local buyers and sellers be more successful. We operate a high-traffic consignment showroom where we physically display and merchandise seller’s items, and we assist buyers in purchasing those items. Our platform model eliminates the need for face-to-face meetings between buyers and sellers, thereby increasing the number participants in the local peer-to-peer marketplace. More P2P buyers and sellers means more transactions, and a better experience for everyone!

Our people

Ed Anderson


Ed is the founder of FlippsMart. He is an engineer (Stanford University ’82) and inventor with a strong business and financial background. Ed has a diverse and interesting employment history in the petroleum, agricultural, retailing, and financial services industries. He grew-up in Missoula and enjoys the challenges of entrepreneurship and making things happen. Ed is blissfully married to his high school sweetheart, and they have three grown children. He maintains an active lifestyle and enjoys golf, tennis, fly fishing, hiking, and snow skiing. Ed's favorite beer is Cold Smoke on nitro at the Kettlehouse brewpub in Missoula.

Marge Anderson

Director of User Experience

Marge is a high-energy businesswoman with degrees in Merchandising and Computer Science (University of Montana ’92). She has extensive startup experience in the food service industry, graphic design market, and retail and online merchandising. Marge is a detail-oriented manager with a passion for organization and ‘doing things the right way’. As Director of User Experience at FlippsMart, Marge is responsible for creating a fun and efficient in-store experience for sellers and buyers, with close attention to merchandising and ambiance. Her favorite activities include tennis, golfing, mountain hiking/biking, and fly fishing. Marge is most happy enjoying time with her family and friends.

Kyle Ortola

General Manager

Kyle is the General Manager at FlippsMart. With a substantial background in management and training, Kyle has vast knowledge of technology and sales with a passion for people. He joined the FlippsMart team to help expand the business to new and larger markets. Growing up in MT, he enjoys backpacking to mountain lakes and floating his raft down the river with fly rod in hand. His favorite Missoula destination is having good food and drinks while listening to local music at the Top Hat.

Brian Duncan

Lead Intake Specialist

Brian is our lead Intake Specialist at FlippsMart. He works hard to ensure that new items are efficiently processed and photographed, and quickly placed on-display in the Showroom. If you ever need to have an item picked-up or delivered at FlippsMart, it’s likely that you’ll meet Brian behind the wheel of our white delivery van, affectionately know as ,’Vanna’. Brian also manages our Facebook Marketplace posts, and provides Showroom sales assistance in several departments, including musical instruments, automotive, and computers.

Sophie Badten

Lead Digital Specialist

Sophie is the Lead Digital Specialist at FlippsMart. She is currently studying Media Arts at the University of Montana as she develops her penchant for creative writing. She’s wonderfully adept at using her powerful vocabulary to find the ideal adjectives to describe your stuff … so you’ll have Sophie to thank when your item is sold. She is usually the first one to answer the phone, so you’ve probably spoken with her already! On her free time, Sophie enjoys writing, cooking, and traveling.

Cheryl McLean

Lead Customer Service Associate

Cheryl's background includes may years in the retail industry in such diverse fields as heavy equipment parts, restaurant ware, appliances, and jewelry. Her breadth of product knowledge is impressive, and she’s everyone’s go-to-gal for rare and eclectic items. After residing in multiple states, she has finally achieved her goal of calling Montana ‘home’. Cheryl shares an active lifestyle with her five children and also enjoys gardening and refurbishing furniture.

Vanna White

Pickup & Delivery

Vanna works hard to keep the Showroom full of cool stuff, and her deliveries are always to the letter.